How to Thank the Universe for Manifestation and Receive More

How to Show Gratitude to The Universe

In simple terms without a gratitude practice, any powerful manifestation technique is doomed to failure. Gratitude is the secret key to your success.

The Universe is a vast and wonderful place. Those who truly understand its nature have been harnessing its power for generations manifesting for themselves positive change and the dream lives they crave.

Manifesting using the Law of Attraction is simple in theory but can be more difficult in practice. When you have mastered it and joined the happy group of thousands who have also used it to make their desires come true what then?

thank you so much Universe

Once one desire is manifested should you simply start on the next? Well, you could do that. But… The Universal power that is harnessed in manifestation is built on appreciation and a feeling of gratitude. If you show gratitude for all you have achieved or are in the process of achieving, then the Universe will open itself up to delivering an abundance to you that is possibly beyond your imagination right now.

So before recommencing your manifestation practice take a moment to show gratitude. In fact, make your gratitude practice a part of your daily routine for maximum effect.

All your deepest desires are waiting for you and you can make them infinitely more attainable by practicing gratitude and giving thanks.

how to thank the universe for manifestation

You may thank the Universe after achieving your desire but importantly you can also give thanks while you are on your way to completing your goals.

The first step, and the right way, is by acknowledging the help that the universe has provided, with this you are setting yourself up for continued success. You will be more likely to keep striving for your goals, even when they seem impossible. After expressing daily gratitude which can also help you maintain a positive outlook on life, you will see that this leads to greater success. The gifts of the Universe are waiting for you.

Why Give Gratitude in Advance

When you give gratitude before you achieve your aims with manifesting, you are telling the universe that you appreciate what you have in life already and you open the door for more of the same. You make it easy for the Universe and the law of attraction to work on your behalf. A sense of gratitude is intrinsically linked throughout the Cosmos and helps us attain a higher vibrational state.

How to Thank the Universe for Manifestation be grateful

Thank the Universe for Your Manifestation Results

When you make a request of the universe, be sure to say thank you for giving you what you asked for. There are many powerful ways to express gratitude but no matter how you choose to show your gratitude, be sure to take the time to appreciate all the positive things in your life.

By doing this not only will you be sending thanks out to the higher power that has delivered your request, but you will also reinforce to yourself why your desire was so important to you initially. Don’t you find, as I do, that sometimes our wants and needs do not seem so important once we have achieved them? A classic example is the air we breathe. How often do we notice it or give thanks for it? But try going without it even for a few minutes and you realize its importance to you once more.

Ways to say thank you:

Express gratitude in a journal

When it comes to happiness, gratitude is key. Counting your blessings can make you happier and even healthier. But how do you start a gratitude journal?

Get yourself something to write down your thoughts. This may be a physical notebook to something a little more unconventional like a spreadsheet or electronic document.

Then, find a place to write that is comfortable and private for you. Next, think about what time of day works best for you to journal. Some people prefer to journal in the morning, while others find that nighttime is a better time for reflection.

Once you’ve established what your routine should be, it’s time to start writing. The most important part of gratitude journaling is simply expressing thanks for the wonderful things in your life. Make a gratitude list of everything you feel you should be thankful for, even the small things count. It can be as simple as writing “I’m grateful for my healthy body” or “I’m grateful for my loving family.”

Doing this on a consistent basis will bring about positive changes in your life that you can only dream about right now.

Thank the universe with a prayer or meditation

Say a simple prayer or gratitude affirmations daily. Say it out loud and send it out to the Universe. Say it with intention and focus, in other words, mean what you say. Here is a short example you can use to get you started

man praying

Thank you, Universe, for guiding me, I am successful because of you. Everything I set out to do is already successful because your favor and blessing of greatness are bestowed on me and on everything I do. I will be grateful to you my whole life. Thank you Universe for everything

“Thank you Universe affirmations” take little time and are a powerful method of showing appreciation for all that has been given to you.

While we thank the Law of Attraction and the Universe we should not forget to thank all the other factors that have led us to this point in our lives. They may be friends, partners, family members, and maybe even some events that you attended have had an influence. Thank them all.

Send gratitude through actions

Send your gratitude to the Universe by paying it forward, and do so with a grateful heart. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can brighten someone’s day and even change their life. It’s also one of the simplest emotions to express. A smile, a kind word, or even just a thought can make someone feel appreciated and loved. And the best part is that gratitude is contagious; when we express gratitude, it makes others feel grateful as well.

One of the best ways to show gratitude is through our actions. When we do something nice for someone else, it not only makes them feel good, but it also makes us feel good. Acts of kindness are a great way to spread happiness and create positive energy in the world. Take a few minutes every single day to do something nice for someone else. Try to make it a daily habit. One of the fundamental Universal Laws is that “to receive you must first give”, so the actions you take will eventually be repaid many times.

Charity work is a perfect vehicle for this type of gratitude practice.

charity worker


Try and use meditation as a means to reflect on all that is good in your life. The regular act of daily meditation will raise your vibrational energy to more closely match that of the attraction law and thus make it easier for it to deliver to you. It also helps over time in prolonging your period of gratefulness until you find you are living in a state of gratitude permanently and not simply spending a little bit of time each day doing it. When you achieve this state all living will be more joyful and you will automatically be more in tune with the higher planes.

So try to adopt an overall positive attitude of gratitude in all that you do. Feelings of gratitude, not to overstress this point, should permeate every aspect of your daily life.

Live your life

There can be no better way to show the Universe that you are grateful for all it has bestowed on you, than by living your life to the fullest each and every day. It shows you appreciate the gift of simply being here and allows you to be more present in your day-to-day activities. It’s a simple truth that positive thinking and positive emotions will go a long way towards achieving this goal.

Write a letter to the Universe

Simply thank the Universe for all the abundance in your life in a letter. You may let this rest under your pillow at night and then later it may be discarded, ready for your next letter.

Use any of your existing skills

Many of us use our existing skillset to express our gratitude to the Universe. I’m a reasonable singer, or I like to believe I am, so I tend to sing an uplifting song to the Cosmos each morning. This only takes a couple of minutes and that very act makes me feel good and sets me up for the day.

You may have your own skills that you would like to incorporate into your gratitude practice. See if any of the ones below resonate with you.

Drawing or Painting

If you have an artistic nature then create something beautiful while giving thanks. It not only shows that you are grateful for your manifesting outcomes but also for the gift of creativity itself.


woman wearing eyeglasses

As I mentioned above I sing to express my gratitude. You may also like to try this method out. Remember you do not have to have a great singing voice to do this so long as it is something you enjoy doing.


You may love nature and nourishing a garden is a perfect way to show your alignment to the higher powers. Spending time encouraging life and beautiful things to blossom is a perfect way of expressing gratitude.


In conclusion, gratitude is a powerful force that can help achieve your manifestation goals. When you are grateful for what you have, you open yourself up to receive more of the good things in life. Gratitude also helps you stay positive and focused on your goals, and it creates a sense of connectedness and community. So if you’re looking to manifest your dreams, be sure to practice gratitude every day!

What is a manifestation journal?

This is a place where you can write down all the things you would like the Universe to provide for you. It may be physical like a paper journal or electronic in the form of a spreadsheet or online document.

How is gratitude used in the law of attraction?

Gratitude, compassion and awareness all impact on the effectiveness of this law. Try to cultivate a positive attitude towards gratitude and practice it to attract more of your desires into your life.

What is gratitude in advance?

This is simply the act of acknowledging all of the things in life you are already grateful for. In doing this you open the door for more of the same and multiply the effects of your manifestation practice.