How to Manifest Multiple Things at Once: For Beginners

Can You Manifest Multiple Things at Once

There’s a lot of talk these days about manifesting our desires, but what exactly does that mean? And is it really possible to do it for multiple things at the same time?

I can manifest multiple things at the same time. It’s all about concentration and focus. I usually do one thing at a time, but it’s possible to do multiple things at once if I concentrate hard.

So the question How to Manifest Multiple Things at Once is one that I’ll answer in more depth below but just know for now, that it definitely can be done, but it takes focus and effort initially. It may not come the next day or the day after but given time, the thing of your desire will find its way into your life. Manifesting multiple things simultaneously requires that you are clear about what you want and why they are important to you.

You also have to have a clear plan for how to achieve your goals, and follow through with action every step of the way.

how to manifest multiple things at once

But the beautiful thing is that when you focus on something you want really badly your subconscious mind will kick in and quietly work on it in the background while you move on with your day.

Manifesting one thing at a time is great, but what if you could manifest multiple things simultaneously?

The manifestation process is based on the Law of Attraction which is all about creating what you want in life. And, the law of attraction states, that you can manifest multiple things at once! All you have to do is focus on what you want, with positive energy, and believe that you can have it.

When it comes to manifesting multiple things, it’s important to be clear about what you want. Don’t try to manifest lots of things at once if they’re not all related. This can lead to confusion and frustration.

Instead, focus on one area of specific desires, of how you see your new dream life. Then see how it manifests in your own life.

Let’s have an example. If you want a new job and your other goal was weight loss then combining these at once could prove difficult, as they are difficult to reconcile. Unless of course, your dream job depended on you losing weight.

Do you see where I’m going with this? So if the two aren’t related it would be better to manifest them at separate times.

So you could focus your practice on losing weight, getting better health, and being able to play with the kids for hours without getting tired. Those would be effective goals to set in a multiple manifestation set.

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How to Manifest Multiple Things at Once

Once you’ve got your goals in mind, start by getting really clear about what it is you want. Write down a list of everything you’d like to see happen as a result of your manifestation. Be sure to focus on the positive outcome that you desire, rather than the thing itself when manifesting.

So for example, concentrate on how the love of your life would make you feel, how safe you would feel, how positive you would be just having them in your life. Rather than focusing on their physical characteristics. You can certainly ask for someone over 6ft tall or with blue eyes, but the main focus should be on the feelings they evoke in you.

Believe it’s possible: If you don’t believe you can manifest multiple things at once, you won’t be able to.

Manifesting is all about believing that what you want is possible and focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Let me explain that a little more. When you focus on the positive and believe that you can have what you want, the Universe will conspire to help make your desires and dreams a reality.

Do not say “I don’t want to be alone anymore”, instead say “I want the love of my life before the end of June”. These small things, these small differences, will turn your process of manifestation around and you will join the group of successful people for whom manifestation success seems to come easily.

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Keep your thoughts positive: Focusing on the negative will only attract more negativity.

The saying goes that “what you focus on expands” and this is especially true when it comes to your thoughts. If you focus on the negative, you will only attract more negativity into your life. However, positive thoughts will attract positive things into your life. It’s important to be mindful of what you think about, as your thoughts play a big role in determining the course of your manifestation.

Having a plan and staying organized will help keep your thoughts focused and positive.

It’s a simple fact that many people have a negative outlook on the world which leads to negative emotions. But good feelings count and in order to be successful, it is important to maintain a positive attitude and keep those thoughts of yours focused on your manifestation goals.

One way to do this is by developing a plan and staying organized. When you have a plan, you know what you need to do and when you need to do it. This helps eliminate distractions and keeps you on track.

Being organized also allows you to keep track of your progress and stay motivated. By taking these simple steps, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

An important first thing to realize is that there are a number of things that can help you along the right path.

The Manifestation List and the Vision Board are two aides for you in your manifestation practice. I like the Vision Board, as I fill it with pictures that I can take in quickly as I pass the board. I don’t have to stop and make a conscious effort to read whatever is on my manifestation list. I keep my board in an area of high traffic so I see it often and so keep the objects on it to the front of my mind. Mine is in the kitchen on the wall, next to the refrigerator.

Make sure that whatever it is you use, you look at it at least on a daily basis. That is the best way to get on the right track for your manifestation exercises. Make it regular.

Visualize what you want: Seeing yourself with what you want will help it manifest quicker.

In order to manifest what you want in your life, it is important to visualize it. This means seeing yourself with what you want, and really feeling it. When you can see it and feel it as if it’s already happened, it will manifest quicker. Good things, no great things, can happen with complete focus. It’s also important to be clear about what you want. Don’t just say “I want money” without being specific. Say something like “I want $50,000 in my bank account by the end of March.” The more specific you are about what you want, the easier it will be to visualize it.

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Take action: Just like with anything else, taking action is key to making your desires a reality.

To get started, find a quiet place where you can relax and focus. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. As you breathe in, imagine that all of your stress and worries are flowing out of your body with the air.

Once you’re relaxed, begin to visualize what you want in your life. Use as many senses as you can. Try to see, smell, feel, hear and taste your way into the situation you want. Now visualize yourself in the situation. Imagine what it will be like to have what you want.

Example: I want to have $1 million dollars in the bank. I see myself walking down the street of my dream neighborhood, aware of all the cars, people, and stores that surround me. The sun is shining brightly in the sky and I feel warm and happy. I smell fresh flowers and bread from the bakery.

Be patient: Don’t expect everything to happen overnight.

When you are working on manifesting your desires, it is important to be patient. The universe doesn’t always work on our timeline, so we need to be okay with that. Sometimes things take longer than we expect, but if we stay the course and keep our thoughts and actions in alignment with our goals, we will eventually see the results we desire.

You may feel a little frustrated right now because this is the time when the universe isn’t going to hand you anything on a silver platter. But don’t fret! The result of manifestation may not come as quickly as you would like, a lot of things don’t but keep the faith and eventually, all will work out.

You will find that dream partner, explode your bank account, get your new job, or whatever the different things you desire may be. The important thing is to give it as much time as it needs.

Keep the positive affirmations going and try and keep your negative energy to a minimum. Lots of things can impact the success of your manifestation method but these two rate among the top.

Here are a few tips for staying patient while you wait for your manifesting to work:

1. Be grateful for what you have already. No matter how bad things seem at the moment, there is always something to be grateful for. Focusing on the good in your life will help keep you positive and motivated during difficult times.

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2. Keep your thoughts and actions aligned with your goals. This means staying focused on what you want, and not letting negative thoughts or doubts creep in.

3. Surround yourself with supportive people who believe in your goals and encourage you along the way.

4. Be sure to hang around positive people and do things that bring you joy. We tend to forget the importance of gratitude all too quickly. Gratitude is a state of mind and it’s important that you keep your focus on it.

Happy manifesting