Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Is an Orange Wallet Lucky

Is Orange a Good Color for My Wallet

Orange is undoubtedly a good color for your wallet as it attracts prosperity into your life.

That’s easily said, so I’ll explain a little why it’s a good luck color for your wallet and if there is even a better choice you could make.

The Four Colors of Money

There are generally accepted to be 4 colors that attract money into your life; if your wallet is in one of these colors, it will draw money to it. That may be through games of chance, skill, or business decisions you have made.

When you use one of these high vibrational colors the energy they transmit cannot help but bring money to you.


In ancient cultures, red is a very lucky and auspicious color, and if you are manifesting money then focusing on red can help with that process.

In China, you will see a lot of red everywhere as they believe that it brings wealth and abundance with it.

Their famous red envelopes are given as gifts with money inside to bring the person luck that receives it. The money is also secondary in importance, the color red symbolizes that the giver wishes the recipient good luck for the future.


Yellow is typically associated with good luck along with neutrality. Red and yellow are often seen together as a blend of the two most lucky colors amplifies its benefits.


When mixed, red and yellow make orange which is one of the popular lucky colors. Orange is noted as a bringer of wealth and strength into your life.

So What Color Should My Wallet Be?

If you really want to increase your luck and bring more money into your life, then Orange is a good color to pick for your wallet.

Red would be another good choice. But there is not much in it and the choice could be made by your preference for one over the other.

Maybe you could base it on what it would match in your wardrobe, if you cannot choose red over orange or vice versa.

Whichever one you choose, good luck is waiting to stand by your side!

I wish you well and good luck.