What Is The Ancient Form Of Numerology?

Numerology is also called arithmancy. It studies numbers and their relationship to personality, human behavior, and physical objects. It has been practiced since ancient times in many cultures, and more recently in the United States and Europe.

The numbers themselves are symbols that have an intrinsic meaning within a system that assigns numeric values to fundamental attributes. For example, a 1 symbolizes creativity and individuality, while a 9 represents fulfillment in all activities.

The actual process of finding one’s number is called “reading the numbers,” while doing one’s “numerology chart” is known as “casting their chart.”

Numerologists believe that numbers have power and can influence a person’s destiny.

To understand the person better, numerologists collect details about people and events in their life, including birth dates and exact times. Then, they assess the significance of each number by comparing it to one another in various ways.

A numerologist also believes that numbers are the doorway to understanding the power of the unknown and how it manifests in a person’s life.

People can find out their number, as well as their destiny number, by using Numerology.

However, while one may consider them helpful tools for personal growth and improvement, numerologists do not deny the inherent dangers of calculating one’s day-to-day personality traits and situations by relying solely on numbers.

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History Of Numerology!

Numerology has been practiced for about 10,000 years. The research shows that it is practiced in various countries like China, Japan, India, Egypt, and Greece.

There is a great scope for Numerology in India and China. Their numerologists are ruling the lives of common people, such is the belief in this system.

The media is also carrying the news. Many people say that the origin of Numerology started in Egypt, but some claims that it originated from Babylon.

Gematria is a tradition that extends back to antiquity and involves giving words and names numerical values and ascribing religious meaning to those values.

According to a Sargon II-commissioned Assyrian inscription from the 8th century B.C., “the king built the wall of Khorsabad 16,283 cubits long to correlate with the numerical value of his name.”

The Gematria was utilized in rabbinic literature to explain Hebrew Bible verses.

Isopsephy or you can also call it Numerology, is still practiced in traditional Greek Orthodox communities.

The existence of Numerology in the Bible and religious architecture is absolute, despite arguments from the church to the contrary.

There is some ancient people’s theory that is closely related to Numerology. Jabir ibn Hayyan the Persian-Arab alchemist, experimented with Numerology based on the name substance or Arabic language.

In addition, according to the mystic and philosopher Pythagoras, who lived in the sixth century, numbers were divinely inspired and created and carried secret codes.

Further, according to philosopher and psychologist Carl Jung, a mathematician once declared that everything in science was created by humans, except numbers, which God made.

Types Of Numerology

Numerology, which first came about as a practice well before BC, is a very complex subject, with numerous different types of Numerology. Nevertheless, it is divided into different parts, which are as follows:

·       Pythagorean Numerology:

Pythagorean Numerology, designed based on the well-known Greek mathematician and geometer Pythagoras from the sixth century B.C., is undoubtedly the most well-known and straightforward type of Numerology. One of Pythagoras’ main contributions to the world was to link numbers with the essence of things.

In other words, numbers can be used to determine what a particular person is like or the type of job they will excel in.

Therefore, this type of Numerology classifies people using numbers and seeks to measure their nature according to their numerical value.

It emphasizes how people’s temperament and characteristics are reflected by their numerical values and how these values affect them on an individual level.

The nine stages of human life are symbolized by the numbers 1 through 9, according to Pythagoras, who thought that numbers represent a measure of that energy.

·       Chaldean Numerology:

This approach originates in Babylonia, where Chaldean Numerology, also known as mystic Numerology, predates Pythagorean Numerology. Many students believe this type of Numerology is more accurate than the Pythagorean.

Chaldean Numerology is based on the vibrations and sounds that numbers make. In this Numerology, the number is assigned to the letters to determine the future or prediction of people. Rather in chronological order, the vibrations that “fit” them the best.

In addition to the forces that generate life, it was thought that the energies represented by the numbers also corresponded to planets and other celestial bodies.

Furthermore, the numerologists practicing Chaldean Numerology think the system contains mystical and spiritual messages.

·       Kabbalah Numerology:

The mystical Kabbalah explores the connection between the mystical Ein Sol God and the limited universe, even though it is not a religion.

The Kabbalah numerology is about the attempt to connect the metaphysical and physical. This Numerology offers numerous tools to assist those who wish to grab the relationship between the finite and infinite.

In reality, Kabbalah numerology uses a person’s name as it is written in the Hebrew script rather than any numbers. You will discover how your name influences your behaviors, ideas, and feelings by analyzing your name and the sounds that make up it.

·       Chinese Numerology:

Numerology is sometimes also known as Loshu Numerology. The Chinese numerologist discovered their way of Numerology 4000 years back.

Chinese Numerology is very different from other types of practice in that it assumes that some numbers are lucky or bad by nature.

In Eastern culture, luck plays a significant role and is linked to the idea of fate; as a result, lucky people are seen to have been thus blessed by fate. Chinese Numerology derives significance from how a number sounds when spoken aloud.

A number is unlucky if its pronunciation is similar to one of the bad words.

Like in this example, you will understand it better; the number one is the sound of honors, which is considered a lucky number.

But the number four sounds like death, for the numerologist of china then they consider it an unlucky number.

Perks Of Numerology In Daily Life!

Numerology is very useful and can help you improve your life in many ways. Here are some of the benefits as follows:

·       Support For Making The Right Decisions:

A number is a combination of letters that can be interpreted as a set of meanings. These deep and hidden meanings may be hard to understand by using simple methods only.

These Angel numbers are often seen repeatedly by the recipient of the message from their Guardian Angel.

·       Personal Development:

Many people have achieved success and happiness in their life through Numerology. It can help you to improve your life by removing the number which is not comfortable for you and replacing it with a favorable one.

The purpose of Numerology is to create an environment where we can feel good and relaxed.

·       Answer To Questions:

It is a very simple thing that you would like to improve your life. If you want to know the answers to some questions, then you have no better option than Numerology.

Many questions cannot be answered by using other techniques only. If you want to find the answers for them, then you can use this method.

·       Helping You To Perfect Your Relationships

It can also help you to create a perfect relationship. You will learn the right numbers, attracting positive energy and taking away negative energy.

Numerology can help you to understand yourself and your partner better. It will guide you on where you are lacking and how to improve yourself.

·       Helps You To Identify Your Personality

People have different personality traits, and a certain number defines each personality type. Numerology will help you to identify the exact numbers that represent your personality.

These numbers will improve your life completely by helping you to develop yourself and make you more positive.

·       Motivation:

Numerology can motivate you in many ways. For example, if you want to work hard, then Numerology can be your support in this way also. It will tell you the numbers which will motivate you and make you feel energetic. The energy will stimulate positive thoughts, and the energy will help you to take the right steps.

·       Relief From Stress:

Stress can harm your body and mind more than you can imagine. It can destroy your life if you do not get rid of it earlier. Numerology is a very good option for those who want to get rid of stress permanently in their life. It will give you the exact numbers that are best for relieving stress.


  1. Why Do People Practice Numerology?

Practicing Numerology can be very beneficial in all ways, but there are a couple of theories and concepts that people believe in. To understand why people practice Numerology, we need to understand how this system of numbers works.

  • How Does Numerology Work?

It works when you give your date of birth and name to the numerologist, who interprets the numbers representing your personality and life. This is done through a set of methods that include various calculations and patterns.


There is no doubt that Numerology has the potential to give you the best life. The extraordinary Numerology can help you to understand yourself and your partner better.

It will guide you on where you are lacking and how to improve yourself. But, overall, it depends upon your decision whether you want to take the help of this powerful technique or not.