Do You Dream Of Crystals? Here’s What’s In Store For You

Crystals come in many shapes and sizes, and if you’ve been dreaming of a particular crystal over and over, you may not even know its name. This isn’t going to be a problem as we’ll identify the most common crystals that people dream about in this article.

I’ll also cover exactly what those dreams mean for each of those crystals.

This is the first of three images detailing some of the crystals we discuss in this article.

dream of crystals set 1 of the stones

Dreaming of Citrine

To dream of Citrine means that you can look forward to a period of better health and mental clarity. As a stone of shining brilliance that resembles the sun, it can also be a precursor to success, whether that be in business or in the home and relationships, as well as a greater sense of overall happiness.

Citrine alludes to warmth and positivity. It has also been associated with romantic passion and relationships. So expect your current relationship to blossom, or to meet someone new if you are single, if you have been dreaming about the Citrine crystal.

dream of crystal

Dreaming of Selenite

Your heavenly realm is advising that you let go of something if you dream of selenite. It could be beliefs that are no longer serving you well, relationships that are toxic, or just situations such as the workplace or even in the home.

If you’ve had an argument recently then it could well be that you just need to forget about it and move on. Keep your energy positive and remember that your subconscious mind is always working on problems even while you sleep.

So letting go of something in your waking hours if it seems to make sense is usually safe to do.

Dreaming of Pink Crystals (Rose Quartz)

Dreaming of a pink crystal such as rose quartz is all about your emotions and your heart. Particularly your heart chakra. It involves love for others and for yourself. Are you missing love in some respect?

This could be self-love does not have to involve anyone else. Are you forgoing self-love while expending your positive energies and love on other people; perhaps this should be addressed first and spend some time on yourself.

When you include love in your decision-making then it will elevate your days to one of peace and tranquillity. The Ascended Masters looking out for you will rest at ease knowing that your life is flowing along the right path.

Dreaming of Purple Crystals

To dream of purple crystals means that you have recently overcome a hurdle in your life and now you’re moving forward with purpose and clarity. It can also show that you need to make some effort in the current relationships in your life to keep them on track. This is not a forewarning, just a gentle nudge to put you back on the right path. It is subtle and does not need a lot of effort on your part.

Dreaming of Green Crystals

When you dream of Green crystals get ready to receive more money or some other form of wealth into your life. Although usually associated with hard cash, this can also refer to relationships or even spiritual gifts. Something good is coming your way in a very short while.

Try to be ready for it and welcome it when it appears, as it may not be obvious; especially if it’s of a spiritual nature.

Dreaming of Blue Crystals

To dream of a blue crystal means that you are going to receive some inspiration soon for a problem that you have encountered in your waking hours. New ideas will present themselves or it could mean that you are heading into a new area of study.

The blue color of the stone is all about learning. Accept the challenge and the dream meaning with an open and positive heart and great things will come.

Dreaming of White Crystals

To dream of White crystals is to bring yourself closer to the divine realm. The purity of white alludes to your angels and those that have gone before you to the heavenly plane.

Its meaning is that your life is at peace but may need a little help in continuing that way. Look out for any little bumps in the road that may become larger over time and deal with them right now.

Get rid of them before they become an issue. This could be to do with relationships, or health, or money. It is in no way a warning of impending doom rather your dream state is trying to tell you just to keep on top of things.

Dreaming of Black Crystals

Black crystals have the power to eradicate negativity in your life. So if you dream of one and that means that you are on the path to losing those things that need losing.

Whether this is a change of career for a better job, getting out of a restrictive relationship, or maybe even forming newer better habits (like going to the gym) they’re all well-intentioned and will lead to a fulfilled life.

The black crystal is a very powerful messenger in your dreams and one of the best healing crystals available.

Dreaming of Quartz

As Quartz tends to deal with the future, dreams involving it can say to be prophetic dreams. They are based on what may happen and not what has gone.

Try to remember any messages you come across in your dream work as they may hold small insights as to what will happen shortly in your life.

Any vivid or lucid dreams (almost conscious dreams) should be written down upon waking so as to not forget any small detail which may hold a clue to the future.

Dreaming of Amethyst

There is a Dream Amethyst which consists of a large amount of pure Amethyst with white quartz. It does not matter whether you dream of a regular Amethyst or this Dream Amethyst the meaning is very similar.

Amethyst reduces a lot of our negative emotions which can include fear, jealousy or envy, nightmares, and any other unwanted psychic scraps.

If you dream of it then you are in need of its properties. You may find that your day-to-day life is in a little disarray and your mind cannot become calm and clear.

It may well be worthwhile doing a little meditation to calm the mind or even picking up an Amethyst as a healing crystal.

Just be aware that any negative thoughts you may be having can be controlled with a positive outlook and by using empathy for others and practicing self-love.

dream of crystals set 2 of the stones

Dreaming of Moldavite

Moldavite is a very strong powerful crystal. It can easily overpower those who are not ready for it. It is said that Moldavite will find you when you are ready for it.

This green crystal should not be used by just anyone as it has been said to induce nausea and lightheadedness.

Dreaming of Labradorite?

Labradorite is known to attract positive things into your life. Sometimes called the dream stone it can help achieve vivid dreams and also recall those dreams when you awaken.

However, if you have dreamt of it then it could mean that you should welcome anyone who is offering help or advice about a recent situation, to talk to you about it.

Spiritual guidance, when offered from a trusted source, is to be sought out. The problem you’re facing does not have to be spiritual, it could be more earthly, even something as simple as a fault with the car.

Take the advice offered with gratitude and thanks.

Dreaming of Large Crystals

A large crystal can have a much bigger impact or amplification of its properties than a regular-sized one.

So dreaming about a huge crystal can mean that the spiritual realm is trying to advise you that you need to work on a specific area of your life.

It could be that change is on its way and you need to prepare for it. The area in which you need to focus would be evidenced by the type of crystal that you dream about.

Read up on the different types found throughout this article and see how these relate to the spiritual areas of your life.

A dream crystal, whether large or small, can positively impact your sleeping state by increasing the chances of having a vivid dream which you can recall later.

Dreaming of a large crystal is a positive thing and should be seen as such.

Dreaming of Peridot Stone

Have you had a situation recently where you think you could have handled it a little bit better?

Dreaming of a Peridot Stone signifies that you need to focus more on creativity and putting your ideas forward in a more thoughtful way when facing an argumentative situation.

The Peridot Stone is also known as the stone of compassion. It brings calm by balancing both the body and mind and brings joy and an amiable approach to life.

Dreaming of Red Jasper

Red Jasper has been used for protection for thousands of years, it neutralizes aggressive behaviors in others and raises your own vibrational energies.

Dreaming of Red Jasper indicates that you have protection in the spiritual realm and are protected from psychic damage.

Dream about Glowing Crystals

A dream about glowing crystals shows that you have a fundamental need to be recognized for your achievements which you feel are going unrewarded.

This may either be in your everyday life or your career. The glow of the crystal is trying to attract the attention of all those in your dream.

Dreaming of Finding Crystals

If you dream of finding crystals it indicates your life is in need of their healing properties. Crystal healing has been in use on many continents for hundreds if not thousands of years.

The dream indicates that you are lacking in some aspect that a crystal could help fill. If there are any other messages included in your dream, then they may guide you towards obtaining a particular crystal to fill the void mentioned in the message.

It is just a small warning that some part of your spiritual or physical existence needs a little boost. This can easily be filled with the right stone.

Dream of Crystals – Meaning

If you find yourself repeatedly having dreams about crystals then it could mean that an exciting new chapter in your life is about to reveal itself to you, whether that be in relationships, career, spirituality, or psychic ability.

dreams of crystals

You should feel excited and anticipate with gratitude this new beginning that is opening up for you. You may also feel a little vulnerable not knowing what is ahead.

This should be seen as normal and perhaps a crystal with confidence-building energies would be of benefit at this point in time.

Something like a Carnelian would be useful right now as it opens up the three chakras associated with confidence building, the root, sacral, and solar plexus.

Crystal Bowl Dream Meaning

Crystal bowls have long been used to administer healing sound baths. They free the body of negative energies and amplify the vibrational energies already present.

Leaving the person feeling refreshed and more vigorous in the long term. To have a dream of a crystal bowl signifies that you need negative energies cleansing during your awakening hours.

There can be many reasons for this but the answer does not have to be found in a sound bath. Any crystal that banishes negative energies and promotes positive ones can be used for this purpose.

Try a crystal like Obsidian or Citrine, both of which protect against negative energies or help to release them.

They also promote a range of high vibrational qualities such as clarity of thought, compassion, strength, optimism, motivation, and warmth.

Dream Interpretation Of The Crystal Ball

There can’t be many people in the world today who do not know what a crystal ball is used for.

Foretelling the exact future may be beyond us at this point in time, but in dreams, it is showing us the way we want the world to be.

To take an example, if you dream of a crystal ball and a graduation gown, then you should plainly be able to see that someone in your inner circle will graduate soon, or indeed it could be yourself.

Crystal ball dreams are often accompanied by a secondary image which goes a long way to explain the root belief behind the dream.

They can however be a little vaguer such as the crystal ball gaining a color, maybe green. This would suggest that you are going to come into some wealth in the future.

dream of crystals set 3 of the stones

Biblical Meaning Of Crystals In Dreams

The Bible sees dreams as a way for your guardian angels or God to communicate to you here on earth. However, the Bible is against the use of crystals for any purpose except their aesthetic quality.

Meaning it’s okay to look at them for their beauty but nothing else.

This is due to the fact the church considers people who use crystals in their practice as occultists. You can look up the relevant verses here Deuteronomy 18:9-12 NIV.

Dreaming About Mining Crystals

Shows that you are willing to put in the hard work to achieve a life goal or target at work.

It is a positive experience and should be taken as such. Knowing that your reward will eventually come to you at the end of your task.

This does not mean that the task will be easy and in fact, the dream suggests it will be quite difficult but that you are up to it.

Dream of Holding Crystals

Dreaming of holding crystals means that you have some unique knowledge or ability that can help you in your day-to-day life.

Crystals in your dream represent the knowledge and are there to be used. Some psychics claim that if the crystal is clear then that knowledge or ability is free to be used immediately.

However, if it is slightly cloudy or contains impurities then more work must be done on it before it can be implemented successfully.

Either way, you already have some of the knowledge or abilities you need to complete the task that is weighing you down the most in your everyday life, so don’t let it overwhelm you, you have the tools.

Dreaming of Crystals Breaking

When crystals break in your crystal dream then it suggests a certain frailty.

Broken crystals can mean the problems that are arising in your waking hours need more of your focus and attention.

Something that appears unimportant at the moment can multiply and without your interaction could escalate out of control.

Take the warning of this dream as an opportunity to step in and defuse the situation.

Dreaming of Stealing Crystals

Stealing crystals in a dream shows that you have knowledge that will be useful in work or family life.

The stealing element of this dream emphasizes your need to be accepted. It shows you at your worst but ultimately there is a good person underneath that is accepted in the dream state.

You may benefit from a spiritual cleansing and the release of any negative emotions or energies you have built up over time.

Dreaming of Eating Crystals

You are already familiar with crystals and their individual characteristics and their unique abilities.

Eating a particular crystal shows that your unconscious mind knows that your spiritual being or body craves more of what that crystal offers.

If you have no idea of the crystal universe, then your dream would almost certainly be a metaphor for a problem occurring in your life and you are trying to gather the resources to fight or solve it.

Dreaming of Clear Crystals

A clear crystal symbolizes pureness, a deep spirituality, and spiritual insight.

When you dream of clear crystals your Guardian Angel is telling you that the burdens that you face in life at the moment can best be met through a spiritual perspective.

The purity of the crystal also invokes feelings of clarity, mental toughness, and stamina. All of which can be brought to bear on the problem.

Dreaming of Losing a Crystal

When you lose a crystal in a dream, your subconscious mind is simply telling you that your emotional vault, for the energy that particular crystal offers, is now full, and you no longer need it.

It could be your favorite crystal that you carry with you and if this is the case then it is likely that you received all you can at this time of that energy.

It is time to replace your crystal with another that offers an alternative benefit. So if you were carrying a crystal for spiritual enlightenment then replace it with one that offers clarity of thought or a tranquil mind.

Symbolism Of Crystals In a Dream

When you come across a crystal or gemstone in a dream the meaning or symbolism is difficult to determine without knowing the whole of the dream.

However, generally, you can take it that it can mean that there is positivity, knowledge, and power given by the astral plane. It can also mean self-worth, spiritual enlightenment, and energy.

Dream Crystals and Their Use for Vivid Dreams

When you have a vivid or lucid dream, it can seem as though it’s absolutely real. You can control your actions, colors are bright, and even your senses are alive.

There are many crystals that can be used to bring on these types of dreams.

Although they’re not guaranteed to work they do very much increase your chances of experiencing such dreams.

Below, I’m going to list out a number of the more reliable crystals that have been used to great effect to encourage lucid dreams.

  1. Amethyst is probably the best known of all the crystals in this list. It has long been associated with the Crown Chakra and also the Third Eye, both of which have a positive effect on lucid dreaming. It is a calming crystal, easing the mind, relieving stress, and removing anger, it moves towards positivity whilst simultaneously removing the negative. Its characteristics lead to the removal of any blockage towards a clear and lucid dream, such as the possibility of nightmares or any troubling thoughts.
  2. Clear Quartz is very common and inexpensive. Another Crystal that holds down negative spiritual energies so they don’t impact your dreams leading to a very positive dream experience. It’s a very tranquil stone that leads to inner calmness and this eases our way into sleep and the dreams that await.
  3. The Herkimer Diamond, while not an actual diamond it’s a very powerful stone found in the Herkimer region of New York. It has the ability to magnify any spiritual abilities you may have and thus it is popular with those that struggle to attain spiritual energy. This stone leads to a mindset of positivity which in itself increases the chances of astral travel and the probability of achieving very lucid dreams. Achieving positivity is crucial, as any negative thoughts will hold you back from achieving your dream goals.
  4. Lodolite, or the Shamanic Dream Stone, is one of the best crystals to have in your collection for the purpose of achieving lucid dreams. The clue is in the name. It’s a powerful nightmare deterrent and really helps connect with the spirit plane. Your dreams will become more pleasant and much more vivid when using this stone. Your dream recall will also be amplified by using this stone.
  5. Celestite has the ability to bring together the spiritual and physical planes to really promote lucid dreaming. Working with the Third Eye Chakra and encouraging its opening it leads to an increase in psychic ability and earthly intuition. You can enter a dream state more easily when this Chakra is open.
  6. Lapis Lazuli has been used to induce lucid dreams for eons. It brings the subconscious mind to the fore when dreaming which leads to powerful positive connections to your spirit guides when asleep. This makes it much easier to accept their guidance through a lucid dream.
  7. Kunzite helps with clarity of mind and dream recall. It helps increase awareness during dreaming which makes it easier to enter into a lucid dream state. If you sleep with the piece underneath your pillow it will make your dream recall much more effective.
  8. Moldavite is an incredibly powerful stone. For some, it may be too powerful, and this can lead to some unpleasant physical symptoms such as nausea, palpitations, and lightheadedness. Use it with caution and only for a little while if it is your first time with this crystal. It carries a lot of energy within it and you may experience warmth in the area where you hold it. It can open your mind to new possibilities as it clears your Third Eye and explodes your psychic ability. You can come across your soul path in your vivid dream when using this stone.
  9. Dream Quartz. This is a quartz crystal infused with specs of Epidote. It will eliminate negative thoughts and nightmares and really helps with the recall of your dreams. The Epidote raises the vibrational frequency of the quartz making it an ideal stone for really good dreams and astral travel.
  10. Rainbow Moonstone is a calming stone, that enhances focus and mental clarity, and leads to a stable mental state similar to meditation. These are all qualities required for bringing on a vivid dream. Bad dreams can also be avoided when using this stone.
  11. Dream Amethyst
    This is an amethyst stone that has white quartz embedded in it. It is imbued with the qualities of peace and intuition and can lead to the spiritual growth of the holder. If there are any negative energies in your home or workplace the Dream Amethyst can protect you from them. Although it is always worth cleansing these negative energies with a sage smudging as soon as practicable. You will receive divine guidance in your dreams when you keep this stone close to you during bedtime hours.
  12. Rose Quartz
    If you have recently been having negative thoughts during sleep then try putting a piece of Rose Quartz and your pillow. It can scatter even the most ingrained negative thoughts and lead you to a more restful sleep. The clarity that comes after you have banished your negative feelings during sleep can lead to massive gains and positive changes in your life.


We have seen that crystals and dreams have a very symbiotic relationship. Crystals can help make your dreams more vivid and aid in their recall. While dreams that include crystals can actually help you achieve spiritual or material goals in your life.

Try to identify the exact crystal that was in your dream to understand its characteristics and why it chose to enter your dream space from high on the astral plane.

If you can do this you will be well on your way to understanding how the individual stones themselves will be able to help you navigate through any storms that may be heading your way. Alternatively, they can show you the way to attain spiritual and material growth.

I do hope you found this little guide useful and that you are able to add a crystal or 2 to your collection once you have interpreted your dream.


What does selenite do for dreams?

Selenite has a very high vibrational energy field and thus has the ability to clear out negative energies from your own field. Because of the high vibrational energy, many people report that they have trouble falling asleep with selenite in the bedroom. However, if you are able to fall asleep with it it can produce dreams that are extremely vivid and almost seem real.

What crystal should I sleep with?

Citrine is a good stone to try sleeping with first. It can leave you with a happier outlook, more refreshed than you’ve been in a while, and certainly more energetic.
Bloodstone can be used for cleansing while you sleep, and some have used it to try to stimulate their dreams. However, be cautious with this as the stone may well bring nightmares as well as good dreams, depending on what is going on in your life right now or in the past.

Where is the dream amethyst found?

This crystal is mostly found being mined in Morocco. It is struck from rock and then mostly tumbled or polished. You can find it on most internet marketplaces such as Etsy.

What are green crystals?

Some green crystals are Peridot, Turquoise, Jade, Adventurine, Serpentine, Moldavite, Emerald, and Malachite. Crystals gain the green color from minerals that can include chromium, iron, and manganese.

Can you shower with labradorite?

Labradorite sits between 6 and 6.5 on the hardness scale. This means that is not water soluble so you can in fact take it in the shower. However be warned, that shop-bought Labradorite is often coated in a thin layer of oil which promotes its shine and beauty. Immersing in water can remove this layer and that will result in a duller crystal.