Law Of Assumption Affirmations: Faster Than Ever Results

The Law of Assumption states that obtaining your desires is more of a state of mind than the result of any action you could ever take.

The law relies on the fact that you can faithfully believe that you are already in the possession of whatever it is you desire.

Affirmations are a powerful way of raising your vibrational energy so that is more in line with the energy of the Universe, which aids you and your belief system into actually thinking that this is true.

It’s as if a booster rocket has been attached to your manifestation and accelerates the process, so they can be realized faster as you follow the Law of Assumption.

A powerful affirmation can change the way you think about a subject or situation.

law of assumptions affirmations

How Does the Law of Assumption Work

When you imagine what it would be like to have the object of your desire in your possession, in the tiniest detail, you will draw upon a Universal Force that cannot help but push those two things together into one space. You and your desired reality.

Einstein said that matter cannot be created or destroyed but merely converted from one form to another. So when you use the Law of Assumption you are not creating anything new you are just calling on what already exists to come to you.

All energy has a vibrational level and when you are absolutely convinced that you already own the object, your vibrational levels will start to match up and your manifestation will come to fruition all the quicker.

Who Created the Law of Assumption?

“It is not what you want that you attract, you attract what you believe to be true”

Neville Goddard.

What Is the Law of Assumption vs Attraction?

When comparing these two methods of manifestation it is obvious even to the untrained eye that they are very similar.

Both rely on having the object of the manifestation appear as vivid and real in the mind’s eye as possible.

Focus must be kept on this image throughout the manifestation practice and supplemented with as many smells, sounds, and tactile experiences as possible.

The more real it seems to you the better you will be able to manifest it.

They also both rely on you having the object right now. That is to say, you must imagine it being in your possession. How that would feel is an important part of the process.

When you do this you put your subconscious mind to work on creating the reality you have just imagined.

The Law of Attraction relies on having a clear mental picture of what you want and then the Universe will respond by providing it to you.

If you have a positive mindset the Universe will respond positively. However, if you have negative thoughts or your desires are vague and fuzzy then the Universe cannot possibly know what it is you want and will ultimately fail to deliver.

law of assumptions

The Law of Assumption is based upon your mindset and what it feels like actually own and have the object, the relationship, or the good health that is your desire. Once again the Universe will provide, based on that mindset. But it is imperative that you believe the object is already in your possession and use it.

How to Use the Law of Assumption

You must get your mind into a quiet calm state. There must be positivity about your mindset and all negative thought should be banished.

Unfortunately, this is easy to say but far harder to achieve. Nevertheless, the application of the Law of Assumption is reliant on it.

You must also eradicate all limiting beliefs. So if you are trying to manifest a home you should try and avoid thoughts along the lines of I’ll never be able to afford a house, any mortgage would be far too large for me to pay back, or even, I could never even afford to rent in this neighborhood let alone buy here.

Limiting beliefs absolutely impact your ability to imagine yourself in the possession of the object that you want, this is why you must let go of them completely.

You should be able to envisage the object you want in great detail and actually have the feeling of it already being in your possession so that you may use it whenever you wish. Imagine how you would feel owning it, would you feel proud, would you feel satisfied, would you feel happy, would you feel complete? Try to know the exact emotions of flow through your body with the ownership of this object.

The last step in the process is belief. Instill the belief that you already own what you seek. Don’t limit yourself to what you wish for, do not think anything is too big. If you do this then you will find it very hard to maintain any belief. Go after what you want, without question, knowing you will get it without fail.

Law of Assumption Affirmation Examples

Below I’ll go over some of the positive affirmations you can use if you want to find love, a career change, or money, just to give you a taste of what an individual positive affirmation can look like. I even give some on weight loss to show that the Law of Assumption can literally cover anything you want in life. Then cover some more general affirmations that you can use for more cases.

So let’s make a start with love affirmations

Law of Assumption Affirmations for Love

1. my heart is open to all

2. I let love flood my soul

3. I am destined to be loved

4. I am in a loving relationship

5. there is nothing hindering love finding me

6. my reality is abundant with love

7. True Love already surrounds me

8. I do not need to seek love as it is already here

9. I attract love

10. Love comes to me easily

Law of Assumption Affirmations for Career Change

1. I deserve my new career

2. I am a fantastic worker

3. my boss is lucky to have me

4. I am the best at my work

5. I have everything I need in my career

6. my new business is already successful

7. I love welcoming all these new customers to my door

8. I am recognized for my expertise

9. I am recognized as an expert in my sector

10. Clients love to deal directly with me

Law of Assumption Affirmations for Money

1. I attract money

2. my needs are always met

3. I enjoy my wealth

4. I am rich

5. I am prosperous

6. abundance is my playmate

7. I dwell in luxury

8. money seeks a home with me

9. I graciously accept the money that the Universe brings

10. my pockets are always full

Law of Assumption Affirmations for Weight Loss

1. my body burns fat easily

2. I am toned

3. I am slim

4. my body maintains the ideal weight without effort

5. losing any weight always comes easy to me

6. I can eat what I want and stay slim

7. my body looks fantastic

8. I love the way I attract attention

9. my body is healthy and vigorous

10. I easily stay at my ideal weight

Law of Assumption General Affirmations

1. I can enjoy it because I have it

2. I am deserving

3. I control my world

4. nothing can get in my way

5. my belief in myself is total

6. I am absolutely fearless

7. my destiny is under my control

8. I can assume because I know it to be true

9. I have abundant positive energy

10. I persevere

11. Everything I wish for has my permission to come to me

12. there are no roadblocks I cannot push through

13. my assumptions are already here

14. the Universe is doing my bidding

15. my life flows easily and joyfully

16. I achieve what I want when I want

17. I am unbeatable

18. Nothing can shake me

19. I am living my dream life

20. I always succeed


Manifesting using the Law of Assumption has been changing point in many people’s lives. It absolutely has the power to change yours too.

Accept the challenge and use the Law of Assumption yourself for a month to see what benefits you can gain, I am sure you will be amazed. When you receive your reward do not forget to thank the Universe for providing it.

I wish you all the very best with your manifestation practice and hope this introduction to the Law of Assumption leads to great gains in your life.


Is the Law of Assumption a Universal Law?

Yes, the Law of Assumption is a Universal Law and can work for anyone regardless of race, creed, or color. It is not based on religious beliefs so any can take part in the process. As long as the guidelines are followed it is open to everyone.

How do you affirm the Law of Assumption?

Affirmations are a way to lock in your total belief in the Law of Assumption and your right to own anything you desire. They reinforce your belief and lead to a much more positive mindset which is imperative for the successful manifestation of the thing you want. They are small phrases repeated to yourself, either silently or aloud, many times a day when you have a free moment.

How many affirmations is too many?

You can repeat affirmations as many times as necessary throughout the day. Do not do it to the extent that they impact your work or family life. As for the number of affirmations you choose to use then just pick 3 or 4 so that you can remember them easily. What is the point of having 10 affirmations when you must constantly go and look them up? Pick the four that resonate most closely with you. You can be sure that these will bring the most benefit

How many times do you have to repeat an affirmation?

An affirmation can be repeated whenever you have a spare minute throughout the day. However, most people like to set a time aside where they will sit down for 5 or 10 minutes to carry out their daily affirmations. This means that they are far less likely to miss any days. I would suggest five minutes in the morning before work or just after breakfast, and then five minutes in the evening before bed. This ensures your subconscious mind has a chance to work on them while you sleep.